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What is Systemic injection and how does it work?
Systemic injection is a type of trunk injection where small amounts of therapeutic chemicals, contained in sealed capsules, are introduced into shallow trunk wounds around the base of a tree. The injected chemicals are then distributed systemically by sap movement within the tree to the branches, leaves, and even roots within a few hours after injection. The chemicals, such as antibiotics, fungicides, insecticides, and mineral nutrients, are added directly into a tree without any contact with the environment.
Tree Doctor providing systemic tree injections
Tree injections from Tree Doctor Roy Rivers
Tree Doctor Roy RIvers at Houston Polo Club
Houston Polo Club uses Tree Doctor Roy Rivers
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The fungus attacks the cambium layer which leaves large white section on the bark.
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Urban Tree Decline/Hypoxylon Canker / Anthracnose Fungi
Lack of nutrients is another reason for urban tree decline. In the forest, the leaves and dead branches fall to the ground. They make a layer of organic matter that decomposes and will fertilize the tree naturally. This is called "nutrient recycling". In the urban environment, this layer is cleaned up and discarded. Trees need to be fertilized annually to make up for this loss of nutrients.

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Tree with borer infestation.

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Qualifications of Roy Rivers Jr.

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Tree Doctor
The Americal Plant Pathology Society [APS]
Certified Arborist
Certified Consulting Arborist
Urban Forester
Urban Forestry Counselor
Certified Pesticide Applicator from the Texas Department of Agriculture
Certified Oak Wilt Specialist and Registered with the Texas Forest Service

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